Are You Progressing Or Just Moving?

Last Update: March 26, 2019 

Never confuse movement with progress. Because you can run in place and not get anywhere. ~ Denzel Washington

I’ve had a busy morning… I have been moving all morning, but… I haven’t made any progress.

Sure, I had breakfast and got dressed, but those things can be done on “auto-pilot.” I had a cup or two of coffee. But no real progress this morning.

What do I mean by progress?

Well, I am sure glad you asked!

Each day, my goal toward becoming financially free and independent is before me. There are a long list of tasks that must be completed in my quest to become that which I seek.

For example:

  • Write a meaningful post on each of my four sites
  • Review a past training or check out a new one
  • Work on my e-book for the diabetes site

You get the picture.

If I don’t complete one of the tasks on my lists, I tend to let my “unguarded thoughts” get the better of me. (The link on “unguarded thoughts” is to a post I wrote for my WA blog yesterday.)

In my mind, I believe I can accomplish the several tasks that I set before me. Often, I fail. I do a lot of moving and thinking and planning, but I do not make the progress I desire because I do not act!

We must take action!

In order to make progress—real progress—we have to take action!

Running in place will burn calories, but it won’t get you anywhere! Running in place is probably a good start, but to move forward/make progress, we have to—I have to—take action and go forward!

I don’t need to go far, just start going in a “directed” way. That’s why we set goals, so we have a direction to go!

As you think about your journey not only here at Wealthy Affiliate, but also your journey in life, what steps will you be taking to move yourself forward? Or will you be running in place? Putting forth a lot of effort, but not going anywhere…

I would be interested in starting a “fun” challenge. I’m not sure what it will be, but if anyone has any ideas, feel free to list them in the comments below. Also, I would appreciate your thoughts on the Denzel Washington quote. (I usually stick to Jim Rohn, but lately I’ve been branching out a bit more!)

Hope you all have a great day!! Let’s take some action!

Best wishes,

Karin, Wealthy Affiliate Premium Member


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