Business Opportunity Hashtags!

Last Update: March 25, 2019

Hashtags for Online Business Opportunities!

Yes, are you on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or any other Social Media platform?

Then, you should now know that hashtags are a great way to share your message with the world and therefore grow your business.

What are hashtags?

Great that you have asked and I will share with you my thoughts on this question.

Hashtags are like keywords and are becoming in my opinion, even more powerful than keywords when used within social media posts.

What do You know about hashtags?

Some of the obvious hashtags for sharing business opportunity posts are:

  • #Entrepreneur
  • #WorkFromHome
  • #BusinessOpportunity
  • #WorkOnline
  • #SocialMediaMarketing
  • #NetworkMarketing
  • #InternetMarketing
  • #AffiliateMarketing
  • #OnlineOpportunity

While the above hashtags are great, they are also very used, unless you have a huge following using them will see little results.

What should You do in the event that you haven’t yet achieved a large following and still want to achieve traffic to your posts?

Much like keywords and utilizing long-tailed keywords, You must use more specific and more targeted hashtags.

Below I will list a few that are a little less competitive:

  • #Dadpreneur
  • #Mompreneur
  • #WorkFromHomeDad
  • #WorkFromHomeMom
  • #AffiliateMarketingClasses
  • #AffiliateMarketingPrograms
  • #NetworkMarketingOpportunity
  • #OnlineBusinessOpportunity

While the above aren’t as used and competitive, they are still quite hard to rank among other posts.

What should you do in order to rank higher in your posts?

Much like with your website and social media pages, you need to grow your brand!

It doesn’t happen overnight but will happen with consistent posting, work and sharing, just like the famous 3 feet from gold story.

Have you ever heard about it?

Visual below 🙂

One thing that I’ve always wondered …… Why is the visual above used when talking about being 3 feet from gold when it clearly show diamonds?

The story does indeed talk about a person who sold his property in order to travel across the world in search of diamonds. Ironically, the new owner found enough diamonds on the property to make him and his entire family for many generations very wealthy indeed!

Never, ever give up on your dreams and never, ever forget to look at what you are already blessed with and not what others have. Their grass may appear greener but no grass is as green as yours when you are grateful and see what you have.

Back to the Business Opportunity Hashtags …….

Start now in building your brand with your very own hashtags and grow the amount of traffic that your social media posts attract.

Instagram for instance allows up to 30 hashtags so my advice is to use about 10 of the most used hashtags, 10 in the 2nd category then about 10 that are much more specific to you and your business.

I look forward to hearing about your success in using the above advice as well as hearing about your experience in the world of sharing Business Opportunity Hashtags and how they relate to keywords.

Tony, Wealthy Affiliate Premium Member


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