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Last Update: March 25, 2019 

Some people find it hard to just sit at a computer, or at a desk with pen and pad, and simply write. Most have no clue or idea about what to write about. So we sit staring at the computer screen or paper. They find themselves stuck.

I remember being in school and winning contests for my writings. When I think back all I did was literally have a conversation with myself in my head about something I may had heard or how I was feeling at the time. What I heard or thought, I wrote. It may have seemed like a bunch of scribble scrabble at the time but some actually turned out to be some pretty good pieces.

Now that I think about it, I should’ve been a writer. Maybe it’s not too late! Maybe that’s my niche!

I would like to help someone that maybe having a hard time. Someone that maybe staring at the computer screen or paper. A few pointers I used back then…back in the 80s/90s. Seems so long ago! Nevertheless I’m putting them back into practice now.

1. Write about something your passionate about

This way, you’ll never run out of ideas.

2. Have something to say

Having something to say makes writing eaiser. You won’t be forced to come up content.

3. Do the research for supporting information

You don’t know everything, so don’t pretend like you do.

4. Make it make sense

Don’t ramble and just throw words together. Anybody can sound educated when you really don’t have anything to say to begin with. You don’t want your readers to have to have a dictionary or thesaurus on standby.

5. Simple is always better

Readers don’t want to have to decode what they’re reading, they’ll lose interest. Use simple words.

6. Keep it short

You don’t want to overwhelm your reader with too much information. Say on task and focus on the message you are relaying to your reader.

7. Keep pen and paper handy.

We don’t all have access to a laptop (refer to my previous post, So This Happened for more info). Sometimes ideas can come when you least expect it.

8. Spell Check

We all weren’t spelling bee champs!

9. Proof read/Reread your work

I’m guilty of not doing this one. After I post something and read it, I notice so many errors that I should have caught before posting.

Hope this helps someone. Wishing you all the best!

Nikki, Wealthy Affiliate Premium Member


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