Make Money By Asking Questions!

Are you aware that Quora have a Partner Program that you may be invited to join if you use it. All they ask of you is for you to ask questions and you are paid in respect of this.

They do offer you topics that you can ask questions on as well as sharing links about subjects. Obviously, the more response you get to your question then the more money you can make. Then once you reach a total of £10 you are paid out.

There is no limit to the amount of questions you are able to ask in a day so this is a good way to get answers to things that you are trying to find out. There are lots of different kinds of topics you can ask a question on.

I do like using Quora for finding out information and I had no idea that this was even a thing until I received an invite one day. I am really just starting out with it so have not made a lot so far but I have made money on it.

I am not sure if there is anyone else within WA who may also be using the Partner program but I would be interested to find out what people’s thoughts are on this. As I said though, unfortunately you have to be invited by Quora to take part.

If you do receive that invite then please accept and take part. Ask lots of questions and you can make lots of money. Just need to make sure that the questions are good ones.

Here we are in the last week of March already. Have a good productive week and enjoy your

Cheryl, Wealthy Affiliate Premium Member


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