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Tips To Figure Out Which Business You Should Start

Peradventure You have heard someone telling you about owning a business alongside it’s benefits. Or maybe you read a lot of articles online about businesses, entrepreneurship and all about that. But you’re experiencing a road block or just a confusion on what kind of business you can start. Just because someone started a particular business does not mean you should start that same business. The fact that you’re on this website and reading this particular article means that the odds are high that you are interested in starting a business.

Just one small thing. You need an idea. You might have multiple ideas now but you just need one out of them to get started.

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Here, I’m going to show you step-by-step how to figure out what kind of business to start.

How To Figure Out What Kind Of Business You Should Start

  1. Identify what you enjoy doing

Almost all career counselor will say something like this – “Do what you love doing”. I believe that if you do what you love/enjoy, You’ll surely flourish and so will your business. Through some might take time while some won’t but if you’re committed and dedicated, you will excel. So, the first step of action is to write all these interest or skills of yours on paper; they might be more than 3 but just list them all and see the ones that give you the satisfaction you desire.

Always Do What You Love

Here’s how to turn this principle into a business idea: Once you identify it, figure out how to monetize what you love.

Let assume you are a shoes and bags freak, you can start producing one or start an ecommerce store selling your products or blog about shoes and bags if you have writing skill.

You love writing, how about becoming a copywriter, blogger or an editor?

You love catering, how about becoming an instructor, owning a food blog?

You love designs, how about graphic designing, web designing?

peradventure you love sport, how about sport blogging, jersey production?

The main concept I want to understand here is that you need to find out what exactly you love, do it and turn it into a business.

2. Identify what you hate

In case you don’t know that most successful businesses out there were born out of challenges and frustrations. If you can identify a problem and come up with a solution for such problem, you have a business already.

Google started because people complained that it’s difficult to search for a particular information on the internet. Meanwhile, before Google came into existence, to get an article on a particular topic of your choice very fast is very difficult, but Google saw this as an opportunity and provided solution to this. Today Google is the most visited website in the world.

Find your hates or people’s hates and create solution(s). Pay attention to what is missing in an existing product or service.Making a list can be of help. Mind you, this method can take you days before you can be able to figure it out.

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3. Do something extra-ordinary

Something extra ordinary

New Ideas requires creativity, which thrives on novelty and diversity. You might find a great idea while you’re on a trip on vacation or unexpected inspiration in an experimental art exhibit.

One thing about this principle is that new experiences, new destinations, new sensations are the things that inspire new ideas. New ideas can’t be brainstormed unless you experience new.

So, find something new to do or somewhere new to go within and outside your country.

4. Start doing anything

This might probably be the most important and best tip I have mentioned so far. In fact, It is my best advice. Have you ever noticed that Facebook changes almost every day?, They add one or two features to it to make it better but this wasn’t the intention by Mark Zuckerberg when he created it. Most features you see on Facebook today weren’t there 10 years ago.

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So don’t overthink. You can expect the best idea to come to you on the first attempt. You may have to try several times and probably fail three times before landing on the charm of the fourth.

You might want to avoid a particular business because of failure but maybe that is the motivation you need to succeed, you can’t tell. Let your failure always motivate you.


Great ideas are available to everyone. Regardless your level right now, you can bring about an idea that will make you millions.Just start small now and dream big.


  1. Hey:

    You’re right: every great thing starts with an idea, and the very best ideas are already there inside you.

    I’m especially taken by your first two tips in this post — figuring out what you love and figuring out what you absolutely hate are great guideposts when you’re trying to put together a life.

    And you’re also right that the very best thing is to start making small steps in the direction of your big dreams. Without action dreams are just air.

    Thanks for the reminder….

    • Hello Netta,

      Thanks for taking the time to read and to comment on this post, The best way to survive in online marketing is to set up a website promoting something which you always loved doing and with enough time and effort it will eventually start generating revenue.

      Please also visit our partners at for additional great affiliate marketing info and resources

  2. Thank you for such a great article. The best advice according to me was to start doing anything, you just have to start, rest all the pieces will fall into their places. I am a guy who is all into gadgets and automobile industry and I have some ideas for it too and I am about to take my first step towards my dream. Thank you for such an article.

  3. This is very true. We can not only sit and wait something to happen for us. I have always wanted to help people in their health but I had no idea how. That is because I started health website that will help people to find everything related to their health. Idea is the first step to success.

  4. Hi, very good article to read to help out what kind of business you want to start. Interesting point you bring up thinking about what you hate, and then see if you can find a solution for it. That is brilliant, I do not think so many of us think like that when we are developing our business ideas. It is really good with an article about tips to figure out in what direction you should go, instead of all the offers you get on your mail when you try to find information about online business.

    Thank you for your inspiration. Linda.

  5. Right now I’m doing affiliate business but when I was starting up I was really lost. I wish I had this article before because you have a clean organized guide for deciding the kind of business to choose. I went through your article and it gives a clear view of seeing business. 

    Thank you so much for sharing this article.

  6. You give some very good advice here.  Its important to know what you enjoy to be able to build a business around it.  It really takes a special person to build a business around something they dislike just because its a great niche.If you have passion you wont have an issue going to work on your business every day.  Thank you for taking the time to put this information together in a great article for all of us to read.Dale

  7. When I was in college in my writing classes, they always told us to “write what we know.” I didn’t know much back then, but as I’ve gotten old, I’ve learned much more. Figuring out which business to start sounds like it’s kind of the same principle—so what you love. Since I love writing, blogging and creating my own online blog made perfect sense. Your tips are perfect to help someone sort out what they might like to do for a business.


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